​Mission Statement​​

The purpose of this Organization is to raise money through Donations and Grants so that we can buy some Land and establish a self Sustaining Agricultural enterprise which will create a perpetual Food Bank for Low Income Communities and Food Deserts.


​Free eBooks and Plans

​We have over 30 eBooks and Plans that you can Read online or Download for Free, The Subjects Covered are on Self Sufficient Living.

​Members area eBooks and Plans

​Make a Donation of 10.00 or more to our Fund and you'll get access to over 80 eBooks and Plans that you can Read online or Download in the Members area for 6 Months, to become a Member, just click on the Donation button on the left, and when you make your Donation you'll receive a transaction email with the password to the Members area on the bottom of your email.

​Subjects Covered Are

​Self Sufficient Living, Homesteading, Organic Gardening, Market Gardening and Farming, Aquaponic Gardening, Raising Livestock, Food Storage, Canning and Preserving, Beekeeping, Permaculture, Wilderness Survival,Growing Gourmet, Medicinal, and Hallucinogenic Mushrooms, Natural Cures and Remedies, Building your own Solar Panels, Building your own Greenhouse, Beer and Wine Making, and Much More.

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